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Fill out your Billing and Shipping Information. Please check the Shipping to a different address box  if you are shipping to a address different than your billing address.

After your first order as a member, your information will auto-fill so please make any changes now if your information has changed.

***Please be advised orders that are shipped to the wrong address due to incorrect shipping information will not be reimbursed***


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When you’re ready to order select your payment method: Credit Card or e-Transfer then read our Terms and Conditions. Agree by marking the check box and click

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06. (if paying with e-Transfer)

Send payment

If you paid with Credit Card you can skip this step. Your payment begins processing the moment you press “Place Order”.

Go to the E-transfer page on your banking website and fill out the fields according to the Coloured Boxes in the following images.

Email: [email protected]
Secret Question: Order Number <- replace with your order number
Secret Answer: canada

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