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    Lucid LSD-25 Tincture


    Lucid LSD Tinctures come in convenient 30mL bottles. Our solution is true LSD-25, not an analogue (1P-LSD). Each mL is equivalent to 15.5ug which is the perfect dosage for microdosing. But if you want the stronger experience we also carry the 100ug per ml. You can now incorporate LSD into your daily routine with the ease of one squeeze. LSD can be used as a treatment for anxiety, depression, psychosomatic diseases and addiction. Try Lucid’s LSD Tincture and experience the wonders of LSD.

  • Sale! Makilla Gorilla

    Makilla Gorilla


    Makilla Gorilla Magic Mushroom

    Makilla Gorilla Magic Mushrooms provide a unique way to embark on a magical journey of self-discovery. Harnessing the power of psychedelic chemicals, these magic mushrooms can help open the door to an entirely new world of senses and sensations. This popular strain is a cross breed of the famous Albino Penis Envy and DC Melmak. Full of surprises and miracles, each trip is sure to leave its mark!

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    INfinite Rx Shroom Infused Block Gummies Edibles (2000mg)

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    INfinite Rx Shroom Infused Block Gummies are for you if you dislike the taste of consuming dried magic mushrooms

    These flavorful psilocybin-infused gummies come in a variety of flavors while still providing a potent kick. A great choice for those who are experienced with psychedelics as each Lego block gummy piece contains 500mg of mushrooms.



    Assorted Flavours: Cherry, Strawberry, Blueberry, Orange, Lime and Lemon.

    Psilocybin Mushroom Content: Each pack contains 4 pieces (500mg/piece) for a total 2000mg of mushrooms.

    Magic Mushroom Strain: Psilocybe Cubensis.


    Dosage Instructions

    Beginners start with half a piece. Experienced users can enjoy 1 to 2 pieces. Please allow up to 45 minutes for initial effects to begin before increasing dosage.

    Some of the benefits of consuming gummies rather than traditional magic mushrooms

    • Much easier to digest, no more ‘gut rot’
    • No more muscle aches and cramps
    • Tastes much better than eating raw mushrooms
    • Fast acting – hits you within 30-45 minutes
    • Much nicer comedown, no sick feeling, no hangover
    • Only lasts half as long as regular shrooms – making it much easier to control the length of your high
  • Sale! Mexicana Cubensis



    The Mexicana is a very popular strain of Magic Mushroom because of its wonderful characteristics. You get a complete psychoactive experience with a gentle impact on the body. The effects will enlarge your creativity, expand your thoughts and improve your social behaviour. Users will experience visual hallucinations either with their eyes opened or closed.