Over the span of human history, therapy has entrenched itself as a linchpin in the fabric of society. The healing process that unfolds through honest, raw dialogue with a proficient therapist, and sometimes even in a heart-to-heart with a trusted loved one, has demonstrated its value repeatedly. It has unshackled many from the chains of depression, dissolved self-imposed barriers, and boosted them towards triumph in their careers, among numerous other life-altering impacts.
Yet, a fresh therapeutic paradigm is taking center stage, amplifying the strengths of established methods. This avant-garde strategy is known as psychedelic therapy—a fascinating topic that will be the centerpiece of this blog post. Gear up to plunge into the intriguing world of psychedelic therapy as we set off on this illuminating expedition.

What is Psychedelic Therapy all about?

In what ways does it diverge from the well-trodden paths of traditional therapy? We will tackle these questions, demystifying this trailblazing therapeutic methodology. As we move forward, we’ll also highlight those who are prime candidates for psychedelic therapy—those individuals who can unlock its distinctive offerings.
For those situated in Alberta, Canada, we’ll reveal premier centers providing unparalleled psychedelic therapy experiences. Unearth these extraordinary venues and the transformative potentials they harbor, setting you on a journey of self-revelation and restoration.
Let’s embark together on this riveting journey into the heart of psychedelic therapy, decoding its enigmas and revealing its phenomenal potential for personal development and wellness. Keep reading to broaden your horizons and embrace the transformational prowess of this unique therapeutic frontier.
Psychedelic therapy, sometimes termed psychedelic-guided counseling, encapsulates a unique blend of two key components: therapy and psychedelics. As implied by its name, this innovative practice integrates the transformative power of psychedelics into traditional therapeutic frameworks.
Although various psychedelic substances can be utilized in this practice, our discourse will primarily spotlight therapy steered by the universally acknowledged psilocybin mushrooms. It’s essential to acknowledge that despite its recent upswing in popularity and contemporary acceptance, psychedelic therapy’s origins likely trace back to antiquity, with individuals possibly engaging in psychedelic-imbued dialogues and experiences for many generations.
With historical context aside, let’s plunge into:

The Core Aspects of Psychedelic Therapy


Generally, the process of psychedelic therapy evolves as such:

1. The client engages in sessions with a dual-therapist team, typically consisting of one male and one female therapist.
2. A series of conventional therapy sessions are conducted, cementing a bond of trust and camaraderie between the client and the therapists.
3. These initial sessions, known as “preparatory,” are intended to fortify the therapeutic bond and promote shared comprehension.
4. A final preparatory session is held before the psychedelic experience, to align client expectations and address any lingering uncertainties.
5. During the psychedelic journey, which could span 8 to 10 hours, the therapists provide unwavering support to the client.
6. The client is furnished with supportive tools such as eyeshades and tailored music playlists, encouraging them to relinquish control and traverse the profound realizations that surface during the journey.
7. In specific scenarios, clients may undertake multiple psychedelic journeys as necessitated.
8. Following the psychedelic session, a sequence of shorter “integration” sessions are facilitated, assisting the client in weaving their newfound insights into their self-understanding and personal evolution.
Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy (PAP) is on the rise across Canada, parts of the EU, and other areas where the legalization of psychedelics is underway. To ascertain if psychedelic therapy aligns with your needs, stay tuned for more in-depth exploration.
Continue your journey to fully grasp the concept of psychedelic therapy and determine if it resonates with your personal aspirations and therapeutic objectives.

Psychedelic Therapy – Who is it for?

The core idea is that psychedelic therapy could potentially be a beneficial avenue for you if you often find yourself restrained by your thought patterns. Such thoughts are often referred to as self-limiting beliefs by psychologists and philosophers alike. These beliefs are something all of us possess, but our ability to overcome these barriers could be a defining factor in our journey towards achievement.
When it comes to achievement, psychedelic therapy could illuminate what truly holds value in your life. In doing so, it equally shines a light on what doesn’t. A considerable portion of our existence is often guided, sometimes unknowingly or subconsciously, by our egos. Why could this be a problem? Mainly because the ego harbours an insatiable appetite for materialistic success.
By considering the two transitions stated above, psychedelic therapy could potentially bridge the gap between who you truly are and who your ego aspires you to be, while concurrently dismantling self-limiting beliefs. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

Psychedelic Integration Therapy could be a suitable option for you if:

  • You’re dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • You’re battling substance addiction
  • You’re seeking an additional spark of creativity for your professional or academic pursuits
  • You’re living with mental health disorders (such as depression, anxiety, and so on)
  • You’re plagued with ‘stuck thoughts’ and are eager to recondition your brain
However, some benefits of psychedelic therapy have yet to be scientifically validated, and that’s completely fine! As Jordan Peterson voiced to Tim Ferris on his podcast, the experience carries a spiritual, meaningful aspect that might be beyond our scientific comprehension. Our current scientific approach might limit our ability to fully understand this.
Peterson then delves into Terence McKenna’s stoned ape theory, suggesting a mutual evolution between humans and psilocybin, each accelerating the growth of the other. Interestingly, he mentions that humans are not the only species to utilize psychedelics. Other mammals, and even flies (hence the nickname Fly Algaric for the Amanita Muscaria mushroom), also partake. It’s possible that various life forms have discovered their own versions of psychedelic therapy.

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Psychedelic Therapy in Alberta – Canada

Psychedelic Therapy Breakthrough in Calgary

In a significant turn of events in February last year, Calgary welcomed its inaugural psychedelic therapy clinic: the ATMA Urban Journey Clinic. This novel center aims to provide a comprehensive alternative to traditional mental health treatments.
David Harder, the company’s CEO, articulates to The Homestretch how this approach contrasts with typical antidepressant or psychotic medications. Unlike these treatments that often “muffle or numb down your emotional and spiritual experiences, psychedelics elevate these aspects, enabling a therapist to assist you in truly working through them.”
A patient, Tony White, shares how his psilocybin mushroom-induced therapy helped him relinquish the anxiety and depression associated with death. “I was lying there and felt an unparalleled sense of peace right then,” White recalled weeks after his therapy session. Other patients have reported liberation from less intense, yet equally valid fears.
Bloom Psychedelic is another fresh addition to Calgary’s therapeutic landscape. They offer various unique treatment programs, grounded in cutting-edge research, with consideration for your preferences and budget.
Their Group Therapy Package is specifically crafted for individuals grappling with depression, anxiety, addiction, or trauma. It integrates Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART), Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, among other proven strategies to kickstart your journey towards flourishing once more!

Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy in Edmonton

If you’re seeking a psychedelic therapy center in Edmonton, PsiloTec is an excellent place to start. Headed by psychiatrist Dr. Peter Silverstone, a seasoned entrepreneur with over three decades of experience in brain-drug research, this Edmonton-based startup is a promising venture.
By some accounts, PsiloTec might be the first fully integrated psychedelic drug company across North America. Their leadership team, boasting 40+ years of experience and responsible for 300+ psilocybin-related clinical studies, offers a safe and expert-guided psychedelic therapy experience. If you’re considering this therapeutic journey in Edmonton, PsiloTec could be your ideal destination.
The SYNTAC Institute is another commendable option in Edmonton. This non-profit organization facilitates the approval process for Albertan patients seeking psychedelic therapy through Health Canada. A steadily increasing number of patients have already undergone fully legal psychedelic therapy.

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