Quebec Magic Mushrooms Trip Guide




Discover the Charm of Quebec with Premium Psilocybin Mushrooms: Your Detailed Trip Guide


Quebec, with its rich history and cultural vibrance, is one of Canada’s most enchanting provinces. This guide provides you with the optimal ways to appreciate the magic of shrooms in Quebec.

Key Considerations for Purchasing Magic Mushrooms in Quebec

  • Highlights of Quebec City
  • The Fortified City
  • Battlefields Park
  • Montreal Highlights
  • Mont-Royal
  • Museum of Fine Arts
  • Gatineau Highlights
  • Gatineau Park
  • Park du Lac Leamy
Before embarking on the journey through Quebec’s fascinating sights,

Keep in mind the following advice for a satisfying ‘shroom experience:

  • Your home or a serene nature spot often serves as an ideal setting for a psychedelic journey.
  • Always have a companion when you plan to consume shrooms.
  • Avoid driving for at least 8-9 hours post-consumption.
  • When unsure, it’s safest to opt for microdosing.
For more information, refer to our Magic Mushroom Guide to the perfect mushroom trip. With these tips in mind, let’s delve into Quebec’s offerings.

Highlights of Quebec City

Quebec City, as the province’s namesake, is a captivating destination with its old-world French charm, cobblestone streets, and traditional patisseries.

The Fortified City

One of the most treasured aspects of Quebec City’s heritage is the 350-year-old fortified city walls or ramparts, the only ones still standing in North America. They stretch nearly three miles along La Citadelle, a renowned castle and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Battlefields Park

Battlefields Park, Canada’s equivalent to the US’s Valley Forge, houses the historic Plains of Abraham, where the pivotal Battle of the Plains of Abraham took place during Canada’s 7 Years’ War. Today, the park, with its historic artillery pieces set amidst tranquil fields and beautiful natural settings, is a popular site for summer festivals and family gatherings.

Quebec City Aquarium

Home to over 300 species and 10,000 animals, this 38-acre aquarium is Canada’s largest. Be sure to check out the Awesome Ocean, a 350,000-litre indoor water tank, and the outdoor area housing seals, polar bears, and walruses.

Highlights of Montreal

As Quebec’s largest city and Canada’s second-largest, Montreal, founded in 1642, offers a blend of history and wilderness.


Mont-Royal, a large volcanic-origin mountain rising 700 feet above Montreal, offers panoramic city views from its easily accessible summit. It’s a popular summer spot, so consider visiting during off-peak hours to avoid crowds.

Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts, Canada’s largest art museum, is a must-visit in Montreal. Situated in a historic location, it showcases an excellent collection of contemporary art.

Highlights of Gatineau

Known for its extensive parks, Gatineau is one of Quebec’s largest cities and also hosts an excellent children’s museum.

Gatineau Park

A conservation park offering stunning views in a convenient location, Gatineau Park spans over 361 square kilometres. Whether you’re into cycling or just want to immerse yourself in nature, the park’s paths and trails take you close to beautiful lakes.

Park du Lac Leamy

Described as a ‘true urban oasis’, Park du Lac Leamy offers a smaller but equally worthy experience compared to Gatineau Park. Accessible by the Leamy Lake Pathway, it’s an ideal afternoon getaway spot with a popular beach.

Quebec’s Magic Mushroom Dispensaries

With numerous perfect locations for your shroom journey, Quebec offers easy city escapes. Regardless of where you choose to go, we believe your Quebec experience will be uniquely delightful, especially with a little help from our premium shrooms.
We at Shroomhub are proud to be Quebec’s top online mushroom dispensary for residents 18 and older.

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