Risks and Side Effects of LSD Microdosing


LSD microdosing, the act of consuming sub-perceptual doses of LSD with the aim of deriving subtle cognitive and psychological benefits, has been gaining traction. While anecdotal reports and self-experimentation fuel this growing interest, scientific research into the potential risks and side effects remains sparse. This article endeavors to shed light on the possible risks and side effects of LSD microdosing, equipping individuals interested in this practice with essential information.



Understanding LSD Microdosing

LSD microdosing entails taking small quantities of LSD—usually around 10-20% of a standard recreational dose—in a bid to experience subtle effects without inducing a full-blown psychedelic experience. The reasons behind this practice are diverse, ranging from curiosity to self-improvement and cognitive enhancement. While some individuals recount positive outcomes, it is vital to grasp the potential risks and side effects accompanying this practice.


Potential Risks of LSD Microdosing

The potential risks associated with LSD microdosing have not been extensively studied or regulated, rendering a comprehensive understanding of the risks challenging. LSD is generally considered non-toxic and physically safe, yet the psychological impact of microdosing is less well-understood. Some individuals may encounter adverse psychological effects such as anxiety, paranoia, or depersonalization. A study by Polito and Stevenson (2019) unveiled that certain participants experienced negative psychological consequences. Moreover, those with pre-existing mental health conditions may see their symptoms worsen with LSD microdosing. Further research is necessary to enhance our understanding of the potential risks and individual variations in response to LSD microdosing.


Safety Precautions and Considerations

Informed decision-making and responsible use are essential for reducing potential risks associated with LSD microdosing. Critical considerations include the mindset and environment—known as ‘set and setting’—where microdosing transpires. A safe and supportive environment, devoid of distractions and potential triggers, can contribute to a positive experience. Additionally, it is important to be cautious of potential interactions between LSD and other medications or substances consumed. Consulting healthcare professionals can ensure the safety and appropriateness of microdosing in individual circumstances. Responsible sourcing of LSD, with quality assurance and accurate dosing, is also crucial to minimize potential harm.


Self-Reported Side Effects of LSD Microdosing

Self-reported side effects of those who have participated in LSD microdosing offer insights into potential risks and variations in experiences. Frequently reported side effects include changes in sleep patterns, appetite, and mood swings. Nevertheless, interpreting these self-reports warrants caution as placebo and expectancy effects may influence the perceived side effects. A study by Leahey et al. (2020) investigating self-reported effects of microdosing discovered that while participants recounted positive experiences, they were also susceptible to placebo effects. Placebo-controlled studies are necessary to distinguish actual side effects from placebo effects and to comprehend better the potential risks linked to LSD microdosing.


Placebo and Expectancy Effects

The reported side effects of LSD microdosing may be influenced by placebo and expectancy effects. Placebo effects refer to psychological and physiological responses that occur due to the individual’s belief in the treatment, while expectancy effects involve the anticipation of certain outcomes. The psychological factors and individual beliefs surrounding microdosing can shape perceived side effects. Schmid et al.’s study (2020) investigating the cognitive effects of microdosing LSD found a significant role of placebo and expectancy effects in reported cognitive enhancements. Accounting for these effects when assessing the actual risks and side effects of LSD microdosing is crucial.


Legal and Ethical Considerations

LSD is classified as a Schedule I substance in many countries, including the United States, making its possession, distribution, and use illegal. Thus, engaging in LSD microdosing carries legal risks and potential legal repercussions. It is critical to respect legal frameworks and regulations surrounding LSD use. Ethical considerations include responsible sourcing of LSD, ensuring accurate dosing, and refraining from promoting illegal activities. Unsupervised and non-medical use of LSD raise ethical issues and may increase potential risks linked with the practice.



Recognizing the potential risks and side effects of LSD microdosing is crucial for individuals contemplating this practice. While scientific research on LSD microdosing is limited, self-reported experiences and anecdotal evidence provide some insights into potential risks. Responsible use, informed decision-making, and adherence to legal and ethical considerations are key to mitigating these risks. A continued need exists for more research and regulatory oversight to understand better the risks and benefits of LSD microdosing. Individuals should approach LSD microdosing with caution, awareness of potential risks, and a commitment to responsible practices.

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