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LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) or Acid is a potent psychedelic that is made from lysergic acid found in ergot.

LSD is a mind-bending substance that induces psychedelic effects. Those who take it may experience a warped sense of reality, perceiving their surroundings and emotions in an entirely different light. Vivid sensations and images may also manifest, blurring the lines between what’s real and what’s not.

Each LSD tab is precisely blotted with 40ug of highest quality Lysergic acid diethylamide.

This dosage is for those look for a medium to full acid trip experience. At this dosage one can expect a trip from 8-12 hours with heavy distortion of and altering of visuals, perceptions and sensations.

  • Accurate and precise dosing
  • Lab tested to ensure safety and quality
  • Food grade blotting paper 100% safe to ingest
  • Soy based ink dye

Warning: Please store this product in a dark and cold environment as soon as you receive it. The most optimal place to store this product is in a fridge drawer. Avoid exposing this product to prolonged light or heat! Additionally, do not handle this product with your bare hands. Keep away from children under 19 and do not operate heavy machinery when using this product.

Disclaimer: This is a very strong product. For those who are new to experimenting with LSD, it is advised that you take no more than one tab; always use caution.

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LSD Tabs (lysergic acid diethylamide) – Everything you need to know

LSD is a mind-bending substance that induces psychedelic effects. Those who take it may experience a warped sense of reality, perceiving their surroundings and emotions in an entirely different light. Vivid sensations and images may also manifest, blurring the lines between what’s real and what’s not.

The History of LSD Tabs

In 1938, a pioneering Swiss chemist by the name of Albert Hoffman synthesized a compound that would forever change the course of scientific exploration – a chemical marvel that would later be known as LSD. Legend has it that Hoffman, upon ingesting a small dose of the substance, embarked on a thrilling bicycle ride home from his lab and experienced the profound effects of the compound’s mind-altering properties.

LSD is a psychedelic compound derived from the lysergic acid present in ergot – a fungus that grows on rye and grains. Its intense psychoactive properties induce a kaleidoscopic array of effects that can challenge one’s perceptions of reality and self, making it a substance of interest to many curious minds.

During the experimental era of the 1960s, LSD was hailed as a novel tool for psychological studies and psychotherapy. Its ability to unlock the hidden depths of the mind and promote introspection made it a potent weapon in the fight against various mental disorders. And as science marched on, so too did the quest to unveil the many therapeutic benefits of this fascinating compound.

LSD Tabs

LSD, a mind-bending substance, is synthesized in crystalline form before being blended with excipients or mixed with other substances to make it more consumable. While the compound itself is colourless and odourless, it has a slightly bitter taste. In order to produce indigestible forms, the substance is typically diluted in liquid.

Once produced, LSD takes on various forms for consumption. One of the most popular forms is small, tablet-like structures called Microdots, which are easy to transport and consume. Alternatively, it can be consumed in the form of Sugar Cubes, thin squares of gelatin known as Window Panes, or most commonly, blotter paper.

Blotter paper is a unique form of consumption in which sheets of absorbent paper are soaked with LSD, often decorated with colourful designs or artwork, and then perforated into small one-quarter inch square dosage units. This form of consumption is popular due to its convenience and relative ease of consumption, as well as its ability to be disguised as ordinary paper.

LSD Effects

Today, cutting-edge research continues to explore the untapped potential of LSD, with a particular focus on quantifying and understanding its many therapeutic properties. From its ability to alleviate depression and anxiety to its potential role in treating addiction, the possibilities for this remarkable compound are nothing short of breathtaking. With each new discovery, the wonder and intrigue surrounding LSD only continues to grow, leaving us all eagerly anticipating what the future holds for this remarkable chemical wonder

Benefits of Taking LSD Tabs

Contrary to popular belief, psychedelics are not only harmless but can also be incredibly beneficial for both the sick and healthy. Scientists, inspired by previous research from the 1950s and 60s, began experimenting with psychedelics in the early 2000s as a way to treat anxiety and addiction. The results were remarkable: cancer patients given LSD and psilocybin reported significant reductions in anxiety and depression, which lasted for months. The treatment even helped one patient overcome feelings of loneliness by reminding her that we are all connected.

Studies show that even a single dose of a psychedelic can make us happier, kinder, more productive, and more open-minded. Some people even microdose LSD, taking small amounts of the drug to improve focus, concentration, memory, and creativity.

Taking LSD Tabs as a treatment

Psychedelics have proven to be a promising treatment for a variety of mental illnesses, as well as a potential tool for enhancing our cognitive abilities and improving our quality of life. As researchers continue to explore the benefits of these fascinating substances, we may uncover even more ways in which they can help us unlock the full potential of our minds.


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