Psilocybin Peppermint Tea


Tea provides an optimal method for consuming magic mushrooms – it offers a delightful taste, is gentle on the stomach, and facilitates faster absorption. The potency of this tea makes it a perfect choice for beginners. Indulge in the exquisite flavor of our Psilocybin Tea, available in Peppermint. Among our range of mushroom teas, this is the sole non-caffeinated option. Each tea bag contains a generous 1 gram of Organic Psilocybin combined with Peppermint tea leaves.

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Psilocybin Peppermint Tea – What You Should Know

Tea is an ideal way to ingest the magic – it is tasty, gentle on the stomach and absorbs faster. The strength of this tea is beginner’s paradise.

Each tea bag contains 1g of psilocybin. This is perfect for someone who wants to have a light/medium level psychedelic experience. This is an excellent amount to get familiar with the substance.


The Effects – What to expect

Music starts to feel better, strangers seem more friendly and the mind is able to lose some control. You could have mild visual enhancements or some sound distortion.

Be prepared for the beginnings of visual and auditory hallucinations: objects moving and coming to life along with geometrical forms when you close your eyes. It will be harder to concentrate and communicate and you will notice an increase in creativity along with an enhanced sensation, lightness and euphoria.


  1. Boil water.
  2. Let water cool for a 1 minute.
  3. Pour about 1 cup of hot water over tea bag.
  4. Steep tea for 10 minutes.
  5. Pour the steeped tea into a drinking cup.
  6. Steep another cup with the same tea bag for 10 minutes.
  7. Drink 1st cup.
  8. Drink 2nd cup after it is steeped.

Optional: You may add honey for taste.


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