Ritual Relief Cherry Cola Mega Macrodose Chews


Our wholesome treats are crafted with high-grade psilocybin distillate, promising a harmonious high marked by a tastefully understated flavour. Each packet contains four Fuzzier Peach chews, each packed with 1000mg of psilocybin extract. Yet, despite their potency, they are gentle on your stomach, thanks to our unique, expertly-developed formula. Rekindle the joyous simplicity of childhood with a significantly more fuzzy twist. Perfect for a group outing into the great outdoors or an individual journey where you are the creator of your own adventure.
We’ve augmented these chews with nootropic constituents such as Lion’s Mane and Ashwagandha Root, providing that extra dose of cerebral nourishment, meant to foster positive energy, heightened focus, and overall wellness. Each chew is rolled in organic golden sugar and a sprinkle of citric acid, bringing forth a playful taste that reconnects you with the joyous spontaneity of your younger self.
We advise starting with one 1000mg gummy and progressively increasing the dosage to amplify your experience, according to your personal comfort and preference.

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