Wonder – Psilocybin Chocolate Bar – S’Mores


Ready to incorporate psilocybin into your wellness regimen? Whether you aim to microdose regularly for a creativity boost, anxiety reduction, and mood enhancement, or desire to elevate your next philosophical discourse with friends through a museum dose, or perhaps you’re set for a world-view resetting trip with a mega dose, Wonder is your reliable companion.
For a moderate dose experience, savor 6 pieces of the chocolate bar, beginning with 3 pieces and repeating every 90 minutes until you reach the desired effect. As for a mega dose adventure, ensure a trusted sitter is available for your journey. Begin by consuming 3 pieces of the 18-piece bar every 90 minutes until the desired state is reached. Sharing with friends is, of course, optional but can add to the joy. Relish your descent down the rabbit hole and embark on a wonder-filled voyage.

Earn up to 40 Points.