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Magic Mushrooms Types: Amanita Virosa


Deep within the wooded realms and the verdant expanses of meadows, a silent observer grows. Known as the Amanita virosa, or more ominously termed the “Destroying Angel,” this mushroom holds within it the power to both beguile with its pristine beauty and deal a lethal blow. This article seeks to illuminate the shadowy corners of […]

Magic Mushrooms Types: Amanita Phalloides


A journey through the vast world of fungi brings to light the plethora of species that boast both beauty and danger. Among the myriad of mushrooms known to humankind, Amanita phalloides stands out, not for its psychedelic properties, but for the deadly toxins it contains. Often referred to as the “Death Cap,” its name is […]

Magic Mushrooms Types: Amanita Muscaria Varieties


Amanita muscaria, colloquially known as the Fly Agaric, is arguably the most iconic of all mushrooms. Its vivid, sometimes ethereal appearance has firmly embedded it in the realms of fairytales, folklore, and even Christmas symbology. But beyond its captivating appearance, Amanita muscaria has numerous varieties, each with distinct characteristics and habitats. This article embarks on […]