510 Thread Battery

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  • 510 Thread Vape Battery

    510 Thread Vape Battery


    Our Vape Battery is a 380mAh 510-thread cartridge battery designed for use with most oil vape cartridges. It features 3 voltage settings and button operation, allowing you to control the type of vapor your cartridge creates.

    Key Features:
    Button Activation
    510 Thread
    Button Led Light Indication : Red 3.6 V/ Blue:3.1V/ White 2.7V (3 Volt settings)
    380mAh Battery (micro USB bottom charging)
    Universal Compatibility

    Charger NOT included (micro USB)

    How to use the 510 Thread Vape Battery:

    • 5 Clicks On/Off
    • 3 clicks to adjust output voltage
    • 2 Clicks To Preheat
    • 1 click to cancel preheat or function

    Built in safety features:

    • Short circuit protection
    • Battery overcharge protection
    • Automatic shut off