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    Albino Avery Magic Mushroom

    Albino Avery magic mushroom is a rare strain that is derived from the popular Cambodian strain. Unlike the Cambodian Cubensis, Albino Avery is very potent and it affects both the body and mind. The come-up on this mushroom is both intense and very fast. You will notice the effects as soon as 15-30 minutes which is almost half the activation time of some mushrooms. Furthermore, do not expect a gradual trip, as most of the experience is front heavy.

    Most users report a higher than average potency with this strain. Many people experience pure euphoria, excitement, and mind-bending visuals. The body high on this strain tends to last for hours so be prepared to set aside some time. On the comedown, you will feel completely imaginative and creative as you slowly reach the end of your trip.

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