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  • Beverly Chills Psilocybin GummiesBeverly Chills Psilocybin Gummies

    Beverly Chills Psilocybin Gummies


    Chill, choose, and chew between your favourite flavours to experience the most unique sensation since the 70’s. Our natural, uncomplicated products offer a balance between top shelf psilocybin and nostalgic flavours to excite your taste buds. Each Gummy is carefully crafted using the best Penis Envy Magic Mushroom as the main active ingredient. Our unique flavours bring back groovy vibes from your childhood.

    Package Size:
    10 x 300 mg (3000mg total per package)

    Contains Flavors:

    ● Retro Root Beer
    ● Bubblegum Blitz
    ● Groovy Green Apple
    ● Strawberry Lemonade
    ● Orange Dreamsicle