MDMA Microdose

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  • Molly Bears

    Molly Bears


    Molly Bears Gummies have come out of the woods! Get ready to be embraced by her big ol’ bear hug! These delicious Molly Bears have all the love in the world to share. They come in delightful flavours to help you reach ecstasy.

    Thanks to their carefully measured MDMA dosages, Molly Bears offer unparalleled versatility. Unlike certain brands that provide only a single enormous piece, you have the freedom to take as many bears as you need. You never have to exceed your comfort level. Moreover, they are perfect for sharing with friends, spreading joy and delight in every bite.
    • Packaged piece by piece with love for individual quality control
    • Locally sourced ingredients and hand poured one-by-one with care
    • Lab tested active ingredient to ensure purity
    • Great for beginners or experienced users


    Dosage Guide:

    1-2 Bears for a microdose experience

    3-5 Bears for a Full Dose

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