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  • Sale! Ritual Relief Macro Mango ChewsRitual Relief Macro Mango Chews

    Ritual Relief Macro-Mango Chews

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    Our organically inspired chews are formulated with superior-grade psilocybin distillate, providing a harmoniously elevated experience while retaining a refined, discreet flavour. Each packet is filled with four enticing Mango Chews, each containing 250mg of psilocybin.
    For an additional wellness kick, we’ve infused these treats with nootropic substances such as Lion’s Mane and Ashwagandha Root. This nutritious blend boosts cognitive function, induces positive energy, sharpens focus, and contributes to a holistic sense of wellbeing.
    Unique to our chews, they are rolled in dried coconut milk, a source of wholesome fats, offering a healthier alternative with less sugar compared to conventional chews.

    We recommend starting with 1 Gummy = 250mg then adding to enhance your experience.