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    Yeti Magic Mushroom

    In the world of magical mushrooms, the Yeti strain (Psilocybe Cubensis, Yeti) is a true gem – a new and rare variety that boasts impressive potency. Yeti seems to bring a crystal-clear clarity to the mind, allowing for laser-focused thoughts and razor-sharp insights. But that’s just the beginning. Once the trip starts to take hold, the world around you will transform into a kaleidoscope of colours and sounds. The visuals are something else entirely, with closed-eyed hallucinations that seem to transport you to other dimensions. And if you keep your eyes open, you’ll be treated to a dizzying array of mind-bending sights.

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    Tidal Wave


    Tidal Wave Magic Mushroom

    Indulge in an enchanting ride of unadulterated elation with Tidal Wave magic mushrooms. Allow yourself to be engulfed by an exhilarating surge of remarkable sensations that will leave you awestruck.

    Beyond their awe-inspiring effects, Tidal Wave magic mushrooms are bestowed with exceptional genetics (penis envy and B+), rendering them immensely potent. Thus, it’s imperative for both neophytes and seasoned psychonauts to approach these potent shrooms with caution.

    If you’re eager to unravel the mystique surrounding Tidal Wave magic mushrooms, then read on for a fascinating delve into their intriguing nature.

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    Gold Member


    Gold Member Magic Mushroom

    Gold Member magic mushrooms are a union of two legendary strains – Golden Teachers and Penis Envy. If the world’s two most renowned magic mushrooms had a child, it would definitely be Gold Member. With parents like these, this strain is truly powerful – offering up intense psilocybin levels like never before! Its mysterious allure will captivate any mushroom enthusiast looking for something special. Get ready to have your mind and body taken on a euphoric ride with Gold Member magic mushrooms! Not only will you feel like the life of any party, but also dive deep into introspection as this well-balanced strain produces visual alterations that cannot be ignored. So buckle up for an unforgettable experience – it’s time to get wild!

    If you’re after a captivating mushroom experience, then our Gold Member magic mushrooms are where it’s at! These golden beauties have been handpicked and cultivated by the best of Canada – trust us when we say they’ll bring your next trip to new heights. So treat yourself and your friends with this exotic combination today because tomorrow may never come!

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    Makilla Gorilla


    Makilla Gorilla Magic Mushroom

    Makilla Gorilla Magic Mushrooms provide a unique way to embark on a magical journey of self-discovery. Harnessing the power of psychedelic chemicals, these magic mushrooms can help open the door to an entirely new world of senses and sensations. This popular strain is a cross breed of the famous Albino Penis Envy and DC Melmak. Full of surprises and miracles, each trip is sure to leave its mark!

  • Giggle Bits Shroom GummiesGiggle Bits Shroom Gummies

    GIGGLE BITS Shroom Infused Gummies

    Indulge in the delightful and playful world of Giggle Bits, a delectable way to enjoy your magic mushrooms! Thanks to their precisely measured dosages, Giggle Bits offer remarkable versatility. Take one for a gentle 150mg microdose or have a few for an entertaining night out with friends! Depending on your tolerance, consuming 2-6 Giggle Bits guarantees an abundance of laughter, engaging conversations, and unforgettable moments.
    Each Giggle Bit gummy encapsulates 150mg of dried magic mushroom, enabling you to discover the ideal dosage for your unique preferences. With a pack containing 20 Giggle Bits in a delightful assortment of flavors, you’re in for a treat that promises delightful experiences and lasting memories.
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    Trinity magic mushroom is a unique hybrid strain that is derived from the original Penis Envy and Aztec God. It then underwent another crossing with another potent strain called Tidal Wave. The Trinity Magic Mushroom is definitely a strain to be used with caution as it is very potent. It is not suitable for beginners and even experienced users should plan their trip properly. Many people report experiencing very powerful visuals including fractals, geometric patterns, and colour shifts. What makes the Trinity unique is that it feels amazingly clear in the mind. This in turn leads to creativity and euphoria that isn’t present in other strains.

  • Sale! Albino Penis Envy

    Albino Penis Envy (APE)


    Albino Penis Envy (APE) Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis, Albino Penis Envy). This is a very rare strain of albino pigmentation shroom. It is a variant of the world famous Penis Envy. Unlike most other Albino shrooms, there is an actual difference in psilocybin content. It is said that of all the sub variants of the Penis Envy, the Albino Penis Envy is the strongest. These mushrooms have a beautiful blend of white mixed with blue and black hues. Their stems are generally thicker in size like the original Penis Envy but more stout.

    It is not recommended for beginners to take this mushroom in the recreational dose level. Even experienced psychonauts gets surprised by how strong this strain is.

    The effects of the Albino Penis Envy is very similar to that of the original. Its effects have been described in glowing terms as being very visual with a lot of euphoria and deep thoughts. If you are looking for a spiritual journey, you can probably achieve it with a relatively low dose. On high dosages, the APE can easily give you an out of body experience.

  • Sale! Albino Treasure Coast

    Albino Treasure Coast


    Albino Treasure Coast (ATC) Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis, Treasure Coast Albino), is a P. Cubensis strain named after its place of origin, the Treasure Coast of Florida. This strain is derived from the original Treasure Coast magic mushroom. The main difference between the two is the pigmentation and the fact that the albino strain is said to be more potent, especially in their frosted caps. This mushroom is considered to be in the same class as the strongest Psilocybe Cubensis.

    The Albino Treasure Coast is definitely a Magic Mushroom to be used with caution as it is very potent. It is not suitable for beginners and even experienced users should plan their trip properly. Many people report strong highs at first but as the trip continues, it tapers off to a more chill high. The feelings associated to this mushroom can be described as enlightening and sensations of a euphoric buzz. It will help you connect to nature and heal your mind and spirit.

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    Mazatapec Magic Mushroom

    Mazatapec magic mushrooms are one of two very popular strains that come out of Mexico. These mushrooms produce a very powerful spiritual journey and are gentle on the body. Compared to some other strains, Mazatepec Shrooms do not bring your body temperature down as much and users also reported that they clinch their jaws less with this strain. This in turn will let you enjoy your spiritual journey with less distractions.

    The effects of the Mazatapec enlarges your creativity and original thought. In addition, it improves social behaviour and good feelings. You’ll get visual hallucinations with either your eyes closed or open. Visuals will include, shape and colour variations, as well as fractals and forms.

  • Sale! South American Magic Mushroom

    South American


    South American Magic Mushroom

    South American Cubensis, a powerful strain of magic mushroom, originates from eastern Mexico and areas south of the Tropic of Capricorn. As with many magic mushrooms, this variety provides users with vivid visual stimulations alongside a profound body sensation, making it an ideal choice for those seeking inner tranquility and balance. Presently, local shamans in Guanajuato and Ecuador utilize these magic mushrooms as a therapeutic tool for addressing addiction, depression, and anxiety.

  • Sale! Alacabenzi

    Alacabenzi Cubensis


    Alacabenzi Magic Mushroom

    The Alacabenzi Cubensis is a favored strain of magic mushroom, especially among beginners seeking a gentler introduction to the world of psychedelic journeys. This particular strain tends to create an altered state of reality, characterized more by physical and spatial distortions than intense visual hallucinations. Higher doses can lead to sensations of altered balance and a profound body high. This mushroom makes an excellent choice for unwinding after a hectic day.

  • Sale! Penis Envy

    Penis Envy


    Penis Envy Magic Mushroom

    The Penis Envy Magic Mushroom is one of the world’s most potent Psilocybe Cubensis. This strain got its name because it is shaped like a Penis. It has a long thick stem followed by a fleshy cap. This is the authentic strain unlike other stuff that you see on the web. Do not confuse this strain with the lesser and weaker Penis Envy 6 or the Texas Penis Envy. This mushroom is not recommended for beginners because of its high potency. The average Penis Envy is 1.5 to 3 times stronger than other strains of Magic Mushroom. It is said to have better psychedelic effects than LSD. Most users experience extreme visuals, out of body experience and euphoria.

  • Psilocybin Tea Variety Pack

    Psilocybin Tea: Variety Pack


    New to Magic Mushrooms or feeling nauseous when taking shrooms? Tea is one of the best ways to ingest magic mushrooms. It is easy on the body and the flavour is amazing. Our Psilocybin Tea: Variety Pack is the best way to sample a bit of each flavour to see which one you like the best. Each variety pack contains a bag of Peppermint, Chai and Turmeric ginger tea. Each bag of tea contains 1 gram of Psilocybe. Try them out today!

  • Sale! Cambodian Cubensis

    Cambodian Cubensis


    The Cambodian Cubensis is another popular strain of magic mushroom. This strain behaves differently from others because of its low hallucinating effect. As a trade off, you will experience a energetic high that is long lasting. This mushroom is great for beginners that do not want to hallucinate. It is also great for social settings such as parties or social gatherings.

  • Sale! Mexicana Cubensis



    The Mexicana is a very popular strain of Magic Mushroom because of its wonderful characteristics. You get a complete psychoactive experience with a gentle impact on the body. The effects will enlarge your creativity, expand your thoughts and improve your social behaviour. Users will experience visual hallucinations either with their eyes opened or closed.

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    Blue Meanie Cubensis


    Blue Meanie shrooms are considered as some of the world’s most potent Shrooms. They contain double to triple the normal amount of Psilocybin compared to other weaker Shroom strains. The most distinguished characteristic of the Blue Meanies is the blue colouring along the stem.

    Blue Meanie mushrooms produce a potent effect that will surprise even the most seasoned mushroom connoisseurs. Users of this strain of Magic Mushroom will experience intense visuals along with a robust bodily sensation and a rush of euphoria.

  • Sale! golden teacher

    Golden Teacher


    Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom

    Golden Teachers magic mushrooms stand out for their gentle, yet noticeable, psychedelic impact, making them an ideal entry point for those new to the magic mushroom realm. They’re renowned not just for inducing ‘trips’, but more for their spiritual or shamanistic qualities.
    Upon consumption, they usher in a sense of enlightenment and foster a deep connection with nature. It’s no wonder that their name aligns with their remarkable ability to heal and rejuvenate the mind and spirit.
  • Microdose: Boostorganic bloom microdose boost

    Microdose: Boost


    Boost, one of Shroom Hub’s more potent microdoses, is your go-to choice when seeking to energize activities, fuel your creative endeavors, or simply add some sparkle to your social outings. This special blend lets you savor the transformative impact of Psilocybin, coupled with the wellness perks of health supplements. If you desire the uplifting aspects of a psychedelic experience without the full-on trip, Boost is your perfect match. It offers your mind a nudge of encouragement to transition from a state of low spirits into a vibrant, energetic mood.

  • Microdose: Nirvanaorganic bloom microdose nirvana

    Microdose: Nirvana


    At Shroom Hub, we’re proud to present Nirvana as our most potent microdose offering. It’s the ideal companion for outdoor exploration, artistic endeavors, rhythmic movements of dance, and for those times when you’re keenly attuned to the sensations of your own body. Crafted with the intention of heightening consciousness, it fosters a deepened sense of presence. If the earthy taste of mushrooms isn’t to your liking, these capsules offer a perfect alternative.

  • Microdose: Variety Packorganic bloom microdose focus

    Organic Bloom Microdose: Variety Pack


    Our Microdose: Variety Pack allows you to sample each one of our popular Microdose stacks. This is the perfect sample pack to buy if you are new to microdosing or if you are curious to see which formula is perfect for your body. Our Psilocybin content ranges from as low as 100mg to as high as 350mg. There is a microdose stack for every occasion. Explore to see the wonderful benefits of Microdose Magic Mushrooms.

  • Microdose: Focusorganic bloom microdose focus

    Microdose – Focus


    With Focus, you’re not just getting a supplement, you’re getting a partner, a friend that paves the way for your high-octane lifestyle.

    Whether you’re tackling an adrenaline-pumping project at work, knocking out those pesky school assignments, or just living life in the fast lane, Focus has got your back. But, oh no, it doesn’t stop there! This phenomenal blend doesn’t just feed your ambition, it also supercharges your mind with laser-like precision.

  • african transkei

    African Transkei

    African Transkei Cubensis mushrooms are a potent modern strain that produces prominent body sensations and astounding visuals – ballet of tracers, dancing lights, and geometric shapes that increase at higher doses. These mushrooms provide a light-twinkling, skin-tingling experience.
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    Ecuador Cubensis Magic Mushroom

    The initial effects of the Ecuadorian Mushrooms can be very intense. It is to no surprise that Shamans of the Andean regions favoured this strain for their rituals. When under the influence, you can enter and back out from states like a powerful tide in a seafront harbour.
    The trip of the Ecuadorian magic mushroom can variate from person to person. Reports suggest that they can induce you into a euphoric state of mind that is dreamy and quite relaxing.  There are many reports of visual experiences.
  • Sale! Huaulta Cubensis

    Huaulta Cubensis


    Huaulta Cubensis Magic Mushroom

    Huautla are typically small to medium-sized mushrooms of moderate potency. They are known to reliably elicit spiritually meaningful experiences permeated with intense feelings of love and unity, along with a sense of connection with nature and the universe as a whole.

  • Sale! HillBilly Cubensis

    Hillbilly Cubensis


    HillBilly Cubensis Magic Mushroom

    Originating from Arkansas, USA this is a popular magic mushroom for people down south. The Hill Billy Cubensis is a potent strain of Magic Mushroom. Just like Moon Shine, this strain of Shroom packs a punch! It will have you saying Yee-Haw all trip long.

  • Sale! PES Amazoian

    PES Amazonian Cubensis


    PES Amazonian Magic Mushroom

    The indigenous rainforests of the Amazon, teeming with an untold wealth of biodiversity, have been the nurturing cradle for these magical fungi. The PES Amazonian Cubensis, they emerged from this green labyrinth, drawing life and vigor from the rich soil, mirroring the mystery and allure of their native habitat.

  • Sale! B+ Cubensis

    B+ Cubensis


    B+ Magic Mushroom

    Renowned for its opulence and consistently powerful impact, this mushroom’s potency stems from its principal psychoactive components, psilocybin and psilocin. The captivating charm of the B+ Cubensis is a spectacle worth witnessing, showcasing magnificent caramel and golden caps alongside a robust, succulent stem. Psychonauts praise this mushroom as a gift from nature.