Gold Member


Gold Member Magic Mushroom

Gold Member magic mushrooms are a union of two legendary strains – Golden Teachers and Penis Envy. If the world’s two most renowned magic mushrooms had a child, it would definitely be Gold Member. With parents like these, this strain is truly powerful – offering up intense psilocybin levels like never before! Its mysterious allure will captivate any mushroom enthusiast looking for something special. Get ready to have your mind and body taken on a euphoric ride with Gold Member magic mushrooms! Not only will you feel like the life of any party, but also dive deep into introspection as this well-balanced strain produces visual alterations that cannot be ignored. So buckle up for an unforgettable experience – it’s time to get wild!

If you’re after a captivating mushroom experience, then our Gold Member magic mushrooms are where it’s at! These golden beauties have been handpicked and cultivated by the best of Canada – trust us when we say they’ll bring your next trip to new heights. So treat yourself and your friends with this exotic combination today because tomorrow may never come!

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