Penis Envy

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    Transkei Envy Magic Mushroom


    Explore into the enchanting realm of Transkei Envy Mushrooms (also known as African Transkei Penis Envy), your passport to the mesmerizing world of psilocybin. Renowned among psychedelic enthusiasts, these magical fungi offer a kaleidoscope of experiences, ranging from whimsical visual tracers at smaller doses to downright mind-altering transformations in higher realms.

    Users often report a euphoric and uplifting mood, accompanied by vivid visual hallucinations and a heightened sense of connection to their surroundings. The effects typically set in within 30 to 60 minutes after consumption and can last for several hours. The intensity of the experience may vary depending on the dosage and individual sensitivity.

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    Tidal Wave


    Tidal Wave Magic Mushroom

    Indulge in an enchanting ride of unadulterated elation with Tidal Wave magic mushrooms. Allow yourself to be engulfed by an exhilarating surge of remarkable sensations that will leave you awestruck.

    Beyond their awe-inspiring effects, Tidal Wave magic mushrooms are bestowed with exceptional genetics (penis envy and B+), rendering them immensely potent. Thus, it’s imperative for both neophytes and seasoned psychonauts to approach these potent shrooms with caution.

    If you’re eager to unravel the mystique surrounding Tidal Wave magic mushrooms, then read on for a fascinating delve into their intriguing nature.

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    Gold Member


    Gold Member Magic Mushroom

    Gold Member magic mushrooms are a union of two legendary strains – Golden Teachers and Penis Envy. If the world’s two most renowned magic mushrooms had a child, it would definitely be Gold Member. With parents like these, this strain is truly powerful – offering up intense psilocybin levels like never before! Its mysterious allure will captivate any mushroom enthusiast looking for something special. Get ready to have your mind and body taken on a euphoric ride with Gold Member magic mushrooms! Not only will you feel like the life of any party, but also dive deep into introspection as this well-balanced strain produces visual alterations that cannot be ignored. So buckle up for an unforgettable experience – it’s time to get wild!

    If you’re after a captivating mushroom experience, then our Gold Member magic mushrooms are where it’s at! These golden beauties have been handpicked and cultivated by the best of Canada – trust us when we say they’ll bring your next trip to new heights. So treat yourself and your friends with this exotic combination today because tomorrow may never come!

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    Trinity magic mushroom is a unique hybrid strain that is derived from the original Penis Envy and Aztec God. It then underwent another crossing with another potent strain called Tidal Wave. The Trinity Magic Mushroom is definitely a strain to be used with caution as it is very potent. It is not suitable for beginners and even experienced users should plan their trip properly. Many people report experiencing very powerful visuals including fractals, geometric patterns, and colour shifts. What makes the Trinity unique is that it feels amazingly clear in the mind. This in turn leads to creativity and euphoria that isn’t present in other strains.

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    Albino Penis Envy (APE)


    Albino Penis Envy (APE) Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis, Albino Penis Envy). This is a very rare strain of albino pigmentation shroom. It is a variant of the world famous Penis Envy. Unlike most other Albino shrooms, there is an actual difference in psilocybin content. It is said that of all the sub variants of the Penis Envy, the Albino Penis Envy is the strongest. These mushrooms have a beautiful blend of white mixed with blue and black hues. Their stems are generally thicker in size like the original Penis Envy but more stout.

    It is not recommended for beginners to take this mushroom in the recreational dose level. Even experienced psychonauts gets surprised by how strong this strain is.

    The effects of the Albino Penis Envy is very similar to that of the original. Its effects have been described in glowing terms as being very visual with a lot of euphoria and deep thoughts. If you are looking for a spiritual journey, you can probably achieve it with a relatively low dose. On high dosages, the APE can easily give you an out of body experience.

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    Melmac Penis Envy


    Melmac Penis Envy Magic Mushroom

    The Melmac Penis Envy is a variant of the famous Penis Envy strain. This Magic Mushroom is a mutation created by a company called Homestead. While there are some physical similarities such as the size and ratio of the stem and caps to the original Penis Envy, this new breed is more alien like. The stems tend to be more deformed and the caps have wavy edges. Also the overall size of these mushrooms tend to be bigger than the original but potency remains similar. Do not under estimate the Melmac as it is an extremely potent mushroom. It is not recommended for first time users and can easily surprise even the most experienced shroomers. Users will experience intense visuals and incredible euphoria. The high is also very uplifting and energetic.

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    Penis Envy


    Penis Envy Magic Mushroom

    The Penis Envy Magic Mushroom is one of the world’s most potent Psilocybe Cubensis. This strain got its name because it is shaped like a Penis. It has a long thick stem followed by a fleshy cap. This is the authentic strain unlike other stuff that you see on the web. Do not confuse this strain with the lesser and weaker Penis Envy 6 or the Texas Penis Envy. This mushroom is not recommended for beginners because of its high potency. The average Penis Envy is 1.5 to 3 times stronger than other strains of Magic Mushroom. It is said to have better psychedelic effects than LSD. Most users experience extreme visuals, out of body experience and euphoria.